Biodiversity and Distribution of Octocorals of Minicoy Atoll, Lakshadweep

2019-09-12T18:58:06Z (GMT) by Anita G. Mary Robert D. Sluka
A survey of the distribution of octocorals of Minicoy Atoll, Lakshadweep found 53 species representing 44 alcyoniids (7 genera) and 9 gorgonians (6 genera). Specimens were from 7 families: Alcyoniidae, Neptheidae, Nidallidae of the Alcyoniina group, Melithaeidae of the Scleraxonian group and Acanthogorgiidae, Plexauridae of the suborder Holaxonia and Ellisellidae of the suborder Calcaxonia. All species are new records to the study area. Based on the species collected and their importance, an outlook on the future possibilities of working in this area is suggested.



CC BY-NC 4.0