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Ecological and Infrastructure Assessment of Kanton (Abariringa) Island, Phoenix Island Protected Area, Kiribati

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posted on 14.12.2020, 16:27 by Adam K. Smith, Nathan Cook, Al Songcuan, Greta Sartori, Daniel Cassidy, Matthew Deane, Tukabu Teroroko, Betarim Rimon
The remote Kanton (Abariringa) Atoll, in the South Pacific Phoenix Islands Protected Area, was assessed using rapid techniques to describe the infrastructure, fish, coral, birds, vegetation, sharks, turtles, and marine mammals. Median live coral cover was 28% (8%–93%) with 11 coral genera, the most abundant being tabular Acropora spp. A total of 130 species of fish (9365 individuals) showed highest abundance in the fore reef habitat. The most abundant bird was the Brown noddy (Anous stolidus) with 3600 individuals counted. Nine species of plants were identified, with Beach saltbush (Scaevola sericea) being the most abundant. Assessment of the aesthetics of dive sites identified two excellent sites: the shipwreck of President Taylor and the Cascades, with very high abundances of coral and reef fish.



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