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Review of the Families Tanypezidae and Strongylophthalmyiidae, with a Revision of Neotanypeza Hendel (Diptera: Schizophora)

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posted on 2019-09-11, 18:39 authored by Owen Lonsdale

The families Tanypezidae and Strongylophthalmyiidae are reviewed, including Neotanypeza Hendel and Tanypeza Fallén in the former and Nartshukia Shatalkin and Strongylophthalmyia Heller in the latter. Neotanypeza is revised, and Tanypezidae is analyzed phylogenetically. Scipopeza Enderlein, syn. nov., Polphopeza Enderlein(syn. Hennig (1936)), Tritanypeza Enderlein, syn. nov., and Tripolphopeza Enderlein, syn. nov., are treated as junior synonyms of Neotanypeza. The species Scipopeza dimorpha Hennig and S. grandis Enderlein are subsequently treated as Neotanypeza for the first time. Twenty-five species of Neotanypeza are recognized, 10 of which are described here as new: N. alopecia, sp. nov., N. argentia, sp. nov., N. leucothrix, sp. nov., N. marshalli, sp. nov., N. micans, sp. nov., N. nigrithrix, sp. nov., N. plotoplax, sp. nov., N. posthos, sp. nov., N. symmetros, sp. nov., and N. vexilla, spec. nov. Neotanypeza claripennis (Schiner), stat. reinst., and N. abdominalis (Wiedemann), stat. reinst., are resurrected from synonymy. Neotanypeza flavitibia Hennig, syn. nov., is included as a junior synonym of N. elegans (Wiedemann); Tritanypeza rufiventris Enderlein, syn. nov., as a synonym of N. flavibasis (Enderlein); Polphopeza elegantina Enderlein, syn. nov., as a synonym of N. apicalis (Wiedemann); Tanypeza flavohirta Enderlein, syn. nov., as a synonym of N. ornatipes (Bigot); and Tritanypeza cubitofusca Enderlein, syn. nov., and N. nigripalpis Hennig, syn. nov., as synonyms of N. callitarsis (Rondani). Twelve lectotypes are designated for the following species (original combinations): Tanypeza abdominalis Wiedemann, Tanypeza apicalis Wiedemann, Tritanypeza cubitofusca Enderlein, Tanypeza claripennis Schiner, Tanypeza dallasi Shannon, Tanypeza elegans Wiedemann, Tritanypeza flavibasis Enderlein, Tritanypeza rufiventris Enderlein, Polphopeza montana Enderlein, Tritanypeza ochrifemur Enderlein, Taeniaptera pallidipennis Bigot,and Tanypeza rutila Wulp.



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