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The Marine Benthic Algal Flora of Puerto Rico, II. Chlorophyta and Prasinodermatophyta

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posted on 2023-02-27, 20:22 authored by David L. Ballantine, James N. Norris, Hector Ruiz

This treatment is a taxonomic study of the benthic species of Chlorophyta known from Puerto Rico, Caribbean Sea. In all, 2 classes, 8 orders, 25 families, 50 genera, and 150 species occur in the benthic marine communities in Puerto Rico. Along with date, place, and author(s) of valid publication for all genera, species, and infraspecific taxa, type locality information and descriptive accounts of vegetative morphological and reproductive anatomy are provided. Distribution of each species is given, and where relevant, comments on their habitat and taxonomic and nomenclature status are discussed. A key to the genera and keys to species within genera are included. Either an in situ image or an illustration accompanies most species. Two varieties each of Bryopsis pennata and Caulerpa cupressoides; one variety each of Caulerpa chemnitzia, C. racemosa, and Udotea occidentalis; and a single forma each of Halimeda opuntia and Udotea cyathiformis are reported for Puerto Rico for the first time. Avrainvillea mazei, Anadyomene howei, A. rhizoidifera, and Caulerpa parvifolia are also reported as new geographic records for Puerto Rico. A new section of Ulva, sect. Chaetomorphoides J. N. Norris et D. L. Ballant., is established. Descriptions of one new combination, Halimeda acerifolia (D. L. Ballant.) D. L. Ballant. et J. N. Norris, and two new forma, Udotea cyathiformis f. mesophotica D. L. Ballant, H. Ruiz, et J. N. Norris and U. occidentalis f. radiata D. L. Ballant. et J. N. Norris, are included. Smithsonian Contributions to Botany, number 117, x + 164 pages, 116 figures, 2023.



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Smithsonian Institution; National Museum of Natural History; University of Puerto Rico Sea Grant Program; University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez Office of Research Coordination; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Caribbean Coral Reef Institute; NOAA Center for Sponsored Coastal Ocean Research; National Marine Fisheries Service South-East Fisheries Center, Pascagoula Laboratory

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