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Annotations for ‘akiapōlā‘au and Hawai‘i ‘amakihi genomes

posted on 2023-02-14, 21:51 authored by Michael CampanaMichael Campana, André Corvelo, Jennifer Shelton, Taylor E. Callicrate, Karen L. Bunting, Bridget Riley-Gillis, Frank Wos, Justin DeGrazia, Erich D. Jarvis, Robert C. Fleischer

This repository provides the annotations and genome assemblies generated in Campana et al. (2020). The de novo ‘akiapōlā‘au assembly is provided in file Aki.fa.gz, with its gene predictions in Aki_augustus_all.gff.gz. The Augustus predictions for the Callicrate et al. (2014)  Hawai‘i ‘amakihi genome is given Ama_v1_augustus_all.gff.gz. The ‘akiapōlā‘au-realigned Hawai‘i ‘amakihi consensus sequence and gene predictions are in Ama_v2.fa.gz and Ama_v2_augustus_all.gff.gz respectively. The InterProScan predictions for the three datasets are provided in the InterProScan-5.33-72.0.tgz file.


Smithsonian Institution

National Science Foundation (grant numbers 1547168, 1717498)