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Archive of Multi-Band SHARAD Radargrams

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posted on 2022-09-07, 15:14 authored by Bruce CampbellBruce Campbell

Radargrams in 32-bit floating point format of SHARAD data processed in two frequency sub-bands ("High frequency" is associated with file designator FHF and and "Low frequency" with FLF). Later additions may use "_H_" and "_L_" descriptors. All images are 1800 rows (0.075 microsecond resolution), with the columns matching those of the same SHARAD track in the Geoscience Node of the Planetary Data System. Latitude and longitude data for each radargram column ("frame") are found in the GEOM files of the PDS archive.


JPL Subcontract 1456630 to Bruce Campbell

NASA Mars Data Analysis Program Grant 80NSSC20K1051