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Assembly of plant-associated soil microbial communities during succession in dry and moist Neotropical forests - AMF (18S) Dataset

posted on 2023-04-02, 20:56 authored by Kristin SaltonstallKristin Saltonstall, Michiel van BreugelMichiel van Breugel, Hilda Castillo, Jefferson HallJefferson Hall, Wayra Navia

Our study was conducted at two sites that represent dry (Los Santos) and moist (Agua Salud) tropical lowland forest types in Panama. The two sites have distinct tree species composition and richness, with relatively little species overlap. We collected 36 surface soil samples (0 to 15 cm depth) in three land use categories (cattle pasture, 20 year old secondary forest, and old secondary forest) at each site during the wet season. Cores were sampled at 10 m intervals along four replicate transects in each of the three land use categories at each site. This soil metabarcoding dataset was created using 18S primers (AMV4.5NF and AMDGR (van Geel et al. 2014)). Data were processed using the R packages DADA2, phyloseq, vegan, and microbiome.  Sample metadata includes soil chemistry and alpha diversity calculations for each sample


Stanley Motta, Frank and Kristin Levinson, the Hoch family, the U Trust, Simons Foundation grant (No. 429440, W. Wcislo, STRI), and Singapore's Ministry of Education and Yale–NUS College (through grant IG16-LR004)