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Chapter 18 - An expanded survey of seed germination for Barro Colorado Island. Supplement 6 - BCI Seed Mass Survey Full Data File.

posted on 2024-03-14, 22:06 authored by Nancy Garwood

Supplement 6 - The full data set for a seed mass survey conducted at Barro Colorado Island, Panama. The full data set is included twice in comma and tab delimited formats.

Supplement 1 Table J describes all fields in Supplement 6. Supplement 1 Tables K through N describe codes for information included in each field of Supplement 6. Supplement 1 can be found here:

The source reference follows: Garwood, N. C. 2023. An Expanded Survey of Seed Germination for Barro Colorado Island. In The First 100 Years of Research on Barro Colorado Island: Plant and Ecosystem Science, ed. H. C. Muller-Landau and S. J. Wright: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, Washington, DC.


U. S. National Science Foundation BSR-8517395

U. K. Natural Environment Research Council GR3/6951