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Chapter 23 - Drought resistance of tropical tree seedlings - Appendix Supplementary Table S1 -   Timeline and comprehensive reference list of seedling drought studies conducted in the Barro Colorado Nature Monument.

posted on 2024-03-14, 20:56 authored by Bettina Engelbrecht

Timeline and a comprehensive reference list of studies addressing aspects of seedling drought resistance in the Barro Colorado Nature Monument (BCNM) and in Central Panama. The document is presented in two formats. A pdf format enables reading the document. A comma-delimited text format enable extracting references and the summary data presented.

The source reference follows: Engelbrecht, B. M. J. 2024. Chapter 23 - Drought Resistance of Tropical Tree Seedlings. In The First 100 Years of Research on Barro Colorado: Plant and Ecosystem Science, ed. H. C. Muller-Landau and S. J. Wright: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press).