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Data for Atmospheric pressure predicts probability of departure for migratory songbirds

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posted on 2023-04-24, 16:16 authored by Nathan CooperNathan Cooper, Bryant C Dossman, Lucas E. Berrigan, J. Morgan Brown, Dominic A. Cormier, Camille Bégin-Marchand, Amanda D. Rodewald, Philip D. Taylor, Junior A. Tremblay, Pater P. Marra

Data from Movement Ecology article: Atmospheric pressure predicts probability of departure for migratory songbirds

This dataset includes all data necessary to reproduce the departure date and weather analysis in the above paper. For full weather analysis using Cox proportional hazards models, leave dataset as is. To carry out basic descriptive statistics or ANOVA on departure date data, you must first filter the data to include only Departure_Event = 1 (n = 280). These are the actual departure date events. All other rows are weather data from dates prior to the departure event. 

Variable explanation:

Motus_Tag_ID = Unique identifiers in Motus Wildlife Tracking System databases

Species_Name = Common and scientific species names

Species_Season = Species abbreviation, season of departure, and location of departure

Spring_or_Fall_Departure = Variable defining season of departure

Age = Age class of individual where HY = Hatch Year, AHY = After Hatch Year, SY = Second Year, ASY = After Second Year

Sex = Sex of individual where F = female and M = male

Departure_Lat = Latitude of departure location in decimal degrees

Departure_Lon = Longitude of departure location in decimal degrees

Departure_DateTime_UTC = Estimated departure date and time in UTC timezone

Start_Time = First day of departure window for weather analysis

End_Time = Last day of departure window for weather analysis

Departure_Event = Variable signifying on which day the departure event occured for weather analysis

Wind_Profit = signed magnitude of wind speed relative to movement direction (m/s) for the hour of departure

Pressure_Trend = slope of relationship between atmospheric pressure and time over the 24 hours previous to departure

Total_Precipitation = Total precipitation (mm) over the three hours leading up to departure

Total_Cloud_Cover = Total cloud cover (0-1) in the hour of departure

Departure_Day_of_Year = Departure date converted to day of year (1-365 for non-leap years)

Throughout dataset NA = missing and U = Unknown


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