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Dataset- Association patterns of swollen-thorn acacias with three ant species and other organisms in a dry forest of Panama.

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posted on 21.10.2020, 15:24 authored by Sabrina Amador-VargasSabrina Amador-Vargas, Vivian Sara Orribarra, Ana Portugal-Loayza, Hermogenes Fernández-Marín
The dataset contains a survey of swollen-thorn acacias (Vachellia collinsii), the resident ant species, location in the Coclé area, and binary variables for the presence of galls, true bugs, bird or wasp nests, and roach oothecas. We also include information of the diameter at the base of the tree, and DBH for trees that were tall enough. It also contains the number of galls, and number of galls/diameter at the base.