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Dataset: Accretion and sediment accumulation in impounded and unimpounded marshes in the Delaware Estuary and Barnegat Bay

posted on 03.09.2019, 12:11 by Brandon Boyd, Christopher K. Sommerfield, Tracy Quirk, Viktoria Unger
This data release includes carbon stocks and geochronic data for impounded and unimpounded tidal marshes of coastal Delaware and Barnegat Bay. Our studies have examined 1) the relative accretionary status of selected managed and natural marshlands, 2) the relative influences of mineral and organic solids accumulation on rates of accretion, and 3) the stability of organic carbon accumulation in Spartina alterniflora-dominated salt marshes. Accretion rates were measured using 137Cs and 210Pb radiometric methods, which are commonly used in tidal marsh studies but not always together.