Dataset: Carbon data for intertidal soils and sediments, Skeena River estuary, British Columbia

2020-06-15T16:06:28Z (GMT) by Paul Sanborn Darwyn S. Coxson
Tidal marsh soils were sampled at low tide along 12 transects along the Skeena River estuary south of Port Edward, British Columbia, in 2014 and 2017. Eight of the transects were on the northeast side of the channel; four were on the southwest side. Sampling locations were stratified according to vegetation type. Usually three pits were excavated to 1 m depth on each transect, with one pit in each of the distinct vegetation zones. Bulk samples were collected from each distinct soil horizon, or where horizons were not clearly differentiated, at 25 cm depth intervals. Core samples of fixed volume were also collected from the same excavations for bulk density determination. Chemical analyses consisted of total C concentration (equivalent to organic C for these non-calcareous materials), total N, pH, and electrical conductivity (a measure of salinity).