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Dataset: Global controls on carbon storage in mangrove soils

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posted on 2023-01-11, 19:46 authored by Andre RovaiAndre Rovai, Robert TwilleyRobert Twilley, Edward Castaneda-Moya, Pablo Riul, Miguel Cifuentes-Jara, Marilyn Manrow-Villalobos, Paulo A. Horta, Jose C. Simonassi, Alessandra L. Fonseca, Paulo R. Pagliosa, Danillo Torres

This dataset accompanies the paper Rovai et al (2018), in Nature Climate Change. Global-scale variation in mangrove ecosystem properties has been explained using a conceptual framework linking geomorphological processes to distinct coastal environmental settings (CES) for nearly 50 years. However, these assumptions have not been empirically tested at the global scale. Here, we show that CES account for global variability in mangrove soil organic carbon (SOC) stocks. Using this ecogeomorphology framework, we developed a global model that captures variation in mangrove SOC stocks compatible with distinct CES. This dataset provides SOC data from this study, obtained from 36 sites across the neotropics. 


NSF Coastal SEES Programme

Louisiana Sea Grant College

Accessibility in higher education (Public Notice 492012/CAPES-OBEDUCINEP-MEC/Brazil)

São Paulo Research Foundation

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