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Dataset: Topography of nearside mare graben: Implications for dike-induced or passive extension formation

posted on 2020-08-14, 18:31 authored by Emily MartinEmily Martin, Tom WattersTom Watters
The following data correspond to a publication submitted by E. S. Martin and T. R. Watters to Icarus. These data correlate to topographic profiles of Rima Hippalus (Fig. 4), measurement locations (Fig. 5), select topographic profiles across mascon and non-mascon graben (Fig. 8), location data for the graben assessed in this study (Table 2), LOLA shot data for Rima Daniell, Rima Sheepshanks, and Roma Ariadaeus (Fig. 9), and first order modeling results of dike-induced graben (Fig. 11).


Supported by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Project and an Arizona State University Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera contract (TRW).