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Dataset for "Gene flow across elevations in Tupaia montana"

posted on 2020-11-27, 19:04 authored by Lillian ParkerLillian Parker, Michael CampanaMichael Campana
This dataset contains three files:
1. MIGRATEN_InputFile_Phase1.dat. Description: Input file for MIGRATE-N. Contains phased pseudo-haplotype UCE alignments for 20 mountain treeshrews divided into four populations as follows: pop1, high elevation Mt. Kinabalu; pop2, low elevation Mt. Kianbalu; pop3, low elevation Mt. Tambuyukon; pop4, high elevation Mt. Tambuyukon.
2. MIGRATEN_InputFile_Phase2.dat. Description: Input file for MIGRATE-N. Same as above, but in cases where phase was unresolved, there is alternative random phasing of alleles.
3. Tmontana36haps.fasta. Description: Fasta format sequences of 36 T. montana mitogenome haplotypes (unaligned)


This work was funded by the Spanish Government (CGL2010-21524, CGL2017-86068-P), the Smithsonian Institution (Building the Framework of Biodiversity Science: Next Generation Phylogenomics Smithsonian Grand Challenges Awards 2012 - 2014), the National Science Foundation (1547168, 1717498), and the Department of Biology at George Mason University.