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Dendrometer Data for Macrosystems Transcriptomic Research

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posted on 2021-03-31, 21:19 authored by Sean McMahonSean McMahon, Jessica Shue
These data contain the dendrometer band growth of five species of trees at two Forest Global Earth Observatory plots (and environs). ~250 trees at The Smithsonian Environmental Research Institute and Harvard Forest had dendrometer bands installed on them. At each site there were approximately 50 trees of five species: American beech, red maple, black cherry, red oak, and green ash. The data contain the weekly measurements of these trees from 2017-2019 excepting trees that died (a number of ash).


Collaborative Proposal: MSB-ENSA: Forest function from genes to canopies: disentangling the fine scale spatio-temporal variation in gene expression and tree growth

Directorate for Biological Sciences

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