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Measurements of Regolith Thicknesses on Enceladus: Uncovering the Record of Plume Activity

posted on 2022-12-07, 19:13 authored by Emily MartinEmily Martin, Jennifer WhittenJennifer Whitten, Benjamin Southworth, Simon A. Kattenhorn, Geoffrey Collins, Lindsey Wiser, Shannen Prindle

Data herein are associated with the corresponding manuscript Martin et al. 2023 accepted for publication to Icarus. 

Supplemental data files include high-resolution .png version of all figures, as well as data files in both .txt and .xlsx format for the data included in Figures 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.  These data also include GIS shapefiles of the updated pit chain map, as well as modeled depsotion rates from Southworth et al. [2019].


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