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Panama Canal Authority Meteorological Summaries

posted on 2023-03-17, 19:24 authored by Steven PatonSteven Paton, Panama Canal Authority

 The Panama Canal Authority (ACP for its initials in Spanish) maintaines a  network of meteorological and hydrolocical stations located throughout  the catchment of the Panama Canal. The earliest meteorological station data are from 1975. 

Stations include:  Gatun West, Jagua, La Humedad, Limon Bay, Tranquilla, Vistamares

Data are available in two formats (in two different files): horizontally, and vertically.

 The data  provided in this summary are based on the data as supplied by the ACP  and have not been subject by rigorous quality control by STRI. The data  are supplied on an as-is basis and the user must make their own  determination of suitability. 

Care should be used with the  non-hydological data (temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind).  Solar Radiation seems to have very significant problems

These  data are provide free of charge by the Autoridad del Canal de Panamá -  (ACP) (The Panama Canal Authority). Any use of these data should include  acreditation to the ACP.


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