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Panama Canal Authority Water Quality Monitoring

posted on 03.02.2020, 15:24 by Steven Paton, Panama Canal Authority
Since 2003, the Panama Canal Authority (Autoridad del Canal de Panamá - ACP), currently operates a water quality monitoring program throughout the Panama Canal Watershed (see Figure 1 and Table 1 for location of stations). The ACP samples water quality once per month.
The ACP published the results of this monitoring program in yearly reports that are available on-line here: https://micanaldepanama.com/nosotros/cuenca-hidrografica/.
These reports are available in PDF format only.

The quality of the PDF’s varies year-by-year. The reports for some years are particularly poor and, as a result, the process of converting the documents to text was difficult. Every effort was made to ensure the accuracy of the scans, but a small number of errors are likely.

STRI has digitized the contents of these reports and converted them into numeric databases. Each variable is stored in its own separate table. Table 2 lists all available files and their definitions. Unfortunately, the quality of the 2011 report was very poor and it was not possible to do automatic character conversion. The data for this report are not yet available in database format.