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Phylogeny of Arctiinae moths on Barro Colorado Island, Panama

posted on 18.04.2022, 15:29 authored by Simon T. Segar, Greg P.A. Lamarre, Charles N. Hackforth, Nick A. Pardikes, Michel Laguerre, Ricardo Bobadilla, Benoît Vincent, Yacksecari Lopez, Filonila Perez, José Alejandro Ramirez, Yves BassetYves Basset

Phylogeny of Arctiinae moths in Barro Colorado Island, Panama.

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README is an explanation of the data

TRAITTRENDDATA96April17 - is the data used to analyze relationships with traits and trends.

TRAITTRENDDATA93PhyloApril17 - is the same as above but without three species. This was because we used phylogenies in our models, and we did not have genetic data for three species.

FINALTTANALApril9 - This is the code for the analysis to look at relationships between trends and traits.