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RNA sequencing dataset from Pseudodesulfovibrio mercurii ND132 batch cultures

posted on 2023-01-06, 17:26 authored by Caitlin GionfriddoCaitlin Gionfriddo, Ally Soren, Ann M. Wymore, D. Sean Hartnett, Mircea Podar, Jerry M. Parks, Dwayne A. Elias, Cynthia GilmourCynthia Gilmour

RNA-seq sample set from batch cultures (CB):

Sequencing of RNA samples from batch culture bottle (CB) mercury methylation assays. Wild-type cultures of Pseudodesulfovibrio mercurii ND132 were grown with arsenic, methionine or adenosine to test for differential expression in transcriptome compared to control (no treatment). Three biological replicate samples (R1, R2, R3) for each treatments. This dataset includes the raw paired-end sequencing files in fastq format. For the adenosine treatment (Ad) the sample labeled 'BA' is the third biological replicate (equivalent to R3 for other treatments). 

  • Control (Ct), no treatment


  • Arsenite (AsIII) 0.02 mM
  • Arsenate (AsV) 0.2 mM
  • Methionine (Met) 1.0 mM
  • Adenosine 2'3'-dialdehyde (Ad) 0.1 mM