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Raw Camera Trap Record Data - SCBI Camera Grid Study

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posted on 2020-11-13, 19:25 authored by Joseph KolowskiJoseph Kolowski, William J. McShea
This represents raw photo event data from a 1 hectare grid of 27 motion/heat activated camera traps, placed 10m apart. See collection details for more information on methods. The csv file itself contains 18 columns of data which were derived as photos were categorized using the emammal ( desktop system. This does not list each photograph, but rather each photo event, which was considered to be an identifiable photo or sequence of photos, in this case of a mammal species, that occurred more than 10 minutes from the end of the last sequence (of the same species at the same camera). Events of humans, birds, and unidentified animals have been removed, as have photo events taken during camera malfunction or displacement. Column definitions should be self-explanatory.