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Water Quality Data, Indian River Lagoon, MarineGEO, Smithsonian Marine Station

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posted on 2024-06-07, 20:09 authored by Dean JaniakDean Janiak, Roy RichRoy Rich, Selina ChengSelina Cheng, Allegra TashjianAllegra Tashjian, Michael LonnemanMichael Lonneman, Valerie PaulValerie Paul

Water quality data collected on a YSI EXO2 multiparameter sonde at the MarineGEO Indian River Lagoon observatory (Smithsonian Marine Station [SMS], Ft. Pierce, FL, USA). The sonde is located at the SMS dock alongside meteorological and water level instrumentation.

The local time at this site is Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5). Note that timestamps in this dataset are reported as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Data at this site prior to April 2024 may be off by one hour (one hour later than expected) during United States Daylight Saving Time (March through November).

The Figshare resource also contains quality control metadata to assist with interpretation and analysis. Review the "README.txt" file for more information.

This dataset should be cited as follows:

Janiak, Dean; Rich, Roy; Cheng, Selina; Tashjian, Allegra; Lonneman, Michael; Paul, Valerie (2024). Water Quality Data, Indian River Lagoon, MarineGEO, Smithsonian Marine Station. Smithsonian Environmental Research Center. Dataset.

Location: 27.456000, -80.309480