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Yearly Reports_Barro Colorado Island

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posted on 2021-01-26, 14:37 authored by Steven PatonSteven Paton
Yearly climate summaries for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute's Physical Monitoring Program 'Clearing' and Lutz and Conrad Catchment stations on Barro Colorado Island, located in the middle of Gatun Lake, in the Rep. of Panama.

This report summarises data taken from two locations: a 48 m walk-up tower located within the Lutz catchment, and a small clearing (‘El Claro’) located among several laboratory buildings. The tower, with sensors at 10 m intervals, provides a vertical meteorological transect through the forest canopy. The Lutz catchment, located on the Northeast lope of BCI, and is probably typical of many small catchment areas on the island. The catchment encompasses 9.73 ha. The Lutz catchment is located immediately southwest of the laboratory clearing and dormitory area. The Clearing is a grass-covered area located near several laboratory buildings. The station is located in the northwest corner of the Clearing in a fenced in area measuring approximately 189cm x 183cm.