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(mg) No 3. Assembly & Annotations (metagenomes) Output

posted on 20.08.2020, 21:34 by Jarrod Scott
The complete output of the Snakemake workflow describe in the reference linked below. Zipped directories contain the outputs of each step from the workflow. Please note that some information contained in the contigs.db and profile.db were added in subsequent workflows.

00_RAW/: Raw fastq files before trimming.
00_LOGS/: Individual log files for each step of the snakemake workflow.
00_TRIMMED/: Eight trimmed, compressed fastq files for each sample.
01_QC/: Merged forward (R1) & reverse (R2) QC'ed fastq files. QC STATS file for each sample. `qc-report.txt` file, a summary table of all QC results.
02_FASTA/: A contig fasta file and reformat report for each assembly.
03_CONTIGS/: An annotated contig database for each assembly.
04_MAPPING/: Short read BAM files.
05_ANVIO_PROFILE/: Individual profile database for each sample.
06_MERGED/: Single merged profile database.