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Channeled Scablands trip 9-98Scanned slides, field notes, and GPS locations from 1998 trip to the Channeled Scablands of eastern Washington state

posted on 2021-09-22, 20:02 authored by James ZimbelmanJames Zimbelman, Robert Craddock, Mary Bourke
A folder with 202 images of field locations, three pdf files with supporting information, and a ReadMe file describing the products.Scanned versions of 200 slides taken in the field during trip to the Channeled Scablands, scans of Zimbelman's field notebook, scans of a paper map of a Landsat TM image with notes added to it, scanned pages of GPS locations collected during the trip (keyed to the notebook and to the Landsat map).


Funded by a donation to the National Air and Space Museum

Support for this field trip came from a donation to the National Air and Space Museum