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Data Flows Diagram for the Biodiversity Heritage Library

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The data flow diagram maps the flow of information for the BHL data ecosystem.

Key Definitions:

External data entity: an outside system that sends or receives data, acting as both sources and destinations of information entering or leaving the system. External data entities might be an outside organization, person, or computer system. They are typically drawn at the edges of the diagram.

Process: any process that transforms data, producing an output. It might perform regex, computations, or sort data based on logic, or direct the data flow based on defined business rules. A short label is used to describe the process, such as “DOI Process”

Internal Data Entities: A datastore of files or repositories that hold information for later use, such as a database table.

Data flow: the route that data takes between the external entities, processes, and internal entity data stores. "Data Flow" is directionally shown with arrows, typically labeled with a short data name, like “OAI-PMH”

For contextual information and key definitions about this dataset see the Biodiversity Heritage Library Open Data Collection.

Release Date: 23-01-2024

Frequency: Irregular

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