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Myanmar Forest Type Map 2020

posted on 2021-09-13, 20:21 authored by Sumalika Biswas, Qiongyu HuangQiongyu Huang, Myint Aung, Franz Arnold, Myat Su Mon, Peter LeimgruberPeter Leimgruber
This dataset provides forest type information for the country of Myanmar. It shows the distribution of nine forest types in Myanmar for the year 2020.

The spatial resolution of the dataset is 20m. Each pixel represents a forest type, with values ranging from 0-8 as described below.
0- Mangrove
1- Lowland Evergreen
2- Upland Evergreen
3- Plantation
4- Mixed Deciduous
5- Bamboo
6- Dry Deciduous
7- Thorn
8- Swamp

The dataset was developed in Google Earth Engine using multiple input datasets and Random Forest algorithm. Input datasets included:
i) satellite imagery bands and derived metrics from Sentinel-1,2,PALSAR,SRTM (Acquired between 2015-2020. Latest available imagery used.)
ii) ancilliary data sources and
iii) training polygons

Product Details:
Spatial coverage: entire country of Myanmar
Temporal coverage: 2020
Resolution: 20 meters (approx)
Projection: WGS 84 UTM 47 N
Data Format: GeoTiff


NASA Land Cover and Land Use Change Program, Grant no. NNX17AI14G