Proboscis of Asilidae in lateral and anterior view (Figs 31-32)

2013-11-11T20:01:03Z (GMT) by Torsten Dikow

Mouthparts. 31. Head of Apoclea algira (Asilinae) in lateral view. Labrum, maxillae, and hypopharynx protruding from labium; stipites and maxillary palpus grey. Abbreviations: lbr = labrum, mx = maxilla, hyphar = hypopharynx, lbl = labella, pre ment = prementum, post ment = postmentum. 32. Head of Choerades bella (Laphriinae) in frontal view, clypeal sclerites grey. Vestiture omitted. Scale lines = 1 mm.


CC BY 4.0