Schildia malaya, S. microthorax, and S. fragilis male terminalia; S. fragilis abdominal tergite 8; S. malaya and S. microthorax wings (Figs 25-36)

2013-10-31T01:57:36Z (GMT) by Torsten Dikow Keith Bayless

Male terminalia with gonostyli (dark grey) and lateral processes of gonostyli (light grey) shaded in lateral views, abdominal T8, and wings of Schildia species. (25–27) Male terminalia of S. malaya: 25, lateral; 26, dorsal; 27, ventral. (28–30) Male terminalia of S. microthorax. 28, lateral; 29, dorsal; 30, ventral. (31–33) Male terminalia and T8 of S. fragilis: 31, lateral; 32, dorsal; 33, ventral; 34, T8 dorsal. (35–36) Wings: 35, S. malaya; 36, S. microthorax. Scale bars = 1 mm.