Identification key to Afrotropical Asilidae genera - Londt & Dikow 2017 - updated

2018-05-14T18:37:25Z (GMT) by Torsten Dikow Jason Londt
Identification to Afrotropical Asilidae genera published originally by Londt & Dikow 2017 in the Manual of Afrotropical Diptera (see The key provided in PDF-format here includes updates and enhancements to the original key. It is also available at .
Londt, J.G.H. and Dikow, T. 2017. 48. Asilidae (assassin flies or robber flies). In: A.H. Kirk-Spriggs and B.J. Sinclair (eds.), Manual of Afrotropical Diptera, vol. 2. Nematocerous Diptera and lower Brachycera, pp. 1097–1182. Suricata 5, SANBI, Pretoria.