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Hayden Bassett

Archaeology Curator (History, heritage and archaeology)


  • Dwelling in Space through Knowledge of Place: Building on Epistemological Understandings of the Seventeenth-Century British Atlantic
  • Reviews
  • Reviews
  • Plantation Roads and the Impositions of Infrastructure: An Archaeology of Movement at Good Hope Estate, Jamaica
  • Lines of Infrastructural Control in Plantation Jamaica
  • Asymmetric Architectures of Enslaved People in Jamaica:
  • The Role of Caves and Gullies in Escape, Mobility, and the Creation of Community Networks among Enslaved Peoples of Barbados
  • The Archaeology Of Enslavement In Plantation Jamaica: A Study Of Community Dynamics Among The Enslaved People Of Good Hope Estate, 1775-1838
  • The Archaeology of Virginia’s First Peoples
  • Cultural Heritage and the Problem of Prioritization

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